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Dynocom Industries offers the most diverse dynamometer product line in the industry. With innovative engineering designs and multiple patents, Dynocom is the dynamometer of choice for:

  • serious performance tuners
  • OEM’s
  • trade and technical schools
  • aftermarket product developers. 

Our explosive growth is due to our cutting edge embedded hardware and software development & design.

The dynamometer was developed over 150 years ago – so what advances will take the dynamometer to meet the requirements of modern vehicles? With the advent of OBDII integration and Dynocom’s focus on the fastest microprocessors, embedded firmware that is standalone from the PC for data acquisition.  As well as a mechanical assembly that is built to the toughest standards utilizing the largest shafts and bearings in the industry.  Furthermore, our systems are priced at a point that allows everybody to finally own a chassis dyno. 

Dynamometer offers a full product line from:

  • cradle roll dynamometers
  • AC motoring 48” Inch dynamometers
  • load control
  • portable and AWD
Dynocom is the fastest growing dynamometer company in the world for many reasons – our focus on continuing education including, lifetime technical support, training and tuning classes. At Dynocom we want to empower the dynamometer operator by offering world class support and state of the art data acquisition system coupled with the strongest mechanical designs in the industry.
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Dynocom offers a complete range of products for every need and every pocketbook. Quality and service comes with every model.
Dynocom offers a complete range of dynometer products
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Dynocom is a company of many engineering breakthroughs.

Dynocom an Engineering Leader
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